Warehouse Management System

Available 24x7

Easy online accessibility and integration

No need for complex software and hardware installation, TQSTM Fusion is available online without additional investment on your end. Experience paperless warehouse environment.

High scalability

Suitable for one warehouse or multi warehouse environment

TQS™ Fusion offers a comprehensive, real-time inventory tracking system that is designed for time-sensitive, single or multi-customer warehousing environments.

TQS Fusion Mobile

Mobile Warehouse Management System

The system is designed to provide portable interfaces with other logistics systems. TQS™ Fusion Mobile integrates seamlessly with the TQS Fusion™ web portal.


Complete logistic solution from TQS Technologies helps users manage and improve their warehouse environment.


Warehouse Management System

Superior Inventory Management

←Be in the know. Have total visibility and accurately track inventory with barcodes. Conveniently organize and manage warehouse workloads through zone management, a grouping of warehouse locations for easy access to stock. Available functionality is View Item List, Item Profile, Inventory Adjustment.

Don't let the word audit scare you. TQS™ Fusion and TQS™ Fusion Mobile allows you to efficiently count stock and schedule inventory auditing using handheld mobile computers.

Confidently manage multiple warehouses within a single system. TQS™ Fusion allows for warehouse to warehouse transfers and is capable of tracking moving inventory.

Make sense of the numbers. Run industry-standard Crystal Reports to understand your bottom line. Highly flexible and customizable, choose the variables that matter to you and generate reports in a format that you want.

Everything you need in every device

TQS™ Fusion is supported with TQS Fusion Mobile application that integrates seamlessly with the web portal. The system is designed to provide portable interfaces with other logistics systems.

Be free of wires and paper. Migrate from traditional paper-based operations to wireless receiving, picking and packing by using TQS™ Fusion Mobile. Warehouse personnel can replenish inventory and fill orders in a wireless, paperless environment.

Say no to headaches and downtime. Built to interface with virtually all third-party programs, TQS™ Fusion flawlessly integrates with your existing applications to ensure a smooth transition.

TQS™ Fusion Print Agent

←The Printer Agent allows you to connect different printers to TQS™ Fusion and TQS™ Fusion Mobile. You can configure the default printers for different size labels.

After a one-time set up, print reports and labels remotely from anywhere with access to the Fusion Website. This also enables printing directly from the Fusion Mobile program.