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TQS Logistics

TQS™ Technologies's latest installation of TQS™ Fusion© warehouse management software at TQS Logistics .

CF Group Of Companies

TQS™ Technologies has successfuly installed TQS™ Fusion© warehouse management software and TQS™ vServe© - interactive supply chain web and mobile management application at CF Group Of Companies.


TQS Technologies has implmeted TQS Fusion (Warehouse Management System – Inventory Control System) at CF Dedicated Services Edmonton Warehouse for CNRL (project Hydro).

Our new case study!

Read how TQS Fusion Warehouse Management system solution helped clients with their inventory challenges! Read More >>

Industry sectors

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TQS Fusion Features

Available 24x7
High scalability
Improve Inventory Tracking
Informed Decision Making
Superior Inventory Management
Transaction Types
Unique Compositions
Performance Monitoring
Paperless Warehouse Environment
Pick and Pack
Seamless and Rapid Integration
Report Generation
TQS Fusion Mobile
TQS™ Fusion Print Agent